KHN and UBT Signs MoU for Community Development and CSER Planning

Tarakan, 19 September 2023 – PT Kayan Hydropower Nusantara (KHN) and the University of Borneo Tarakan (UBT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in preparing a Community & Indigenous Peoples Development and CSER (Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility) Plan at Tarakan Plaza Hotel today. Signing for KHN was its Director Titis Lintang Andari while representing UBT was its Rector, Prof. Dr. Adri Patton, M.Si.

This collaboration is in line with KHN’s Social Performance Management which supports the Company’s medium and long-term commitments and plans for the sustainable development of communities in Malinau, particularly to deliver benefits to communities surrounding PLTA Mentarang Induk.

To ensure the success of this effort, the programmes that will be developed under this Community & Indigenous Peoples Development and CSER Plan are targeted for implementation starting in 2024.

The preparation process will incorporate input from village communities, local government and community leaders, including representatives of youth leaders, women’s leaders, and adat leaders through focused group discussions (FGD) and outreach. Plans and programmes developed will be aligned with KHN’s priorities and communicated back to the communities and local government.

“In this case, we believe UBT is the right partner for collaboration because as a prestigious university in North Kalimantan, UBT has adequate capacity and understands the local community which ensures that all plans and programmes can be developed and implemented optimally,” said Titis.

Prof. Adri stated that UBT has always welcomed this collaborative effort which started in December 2022. Apart from being an academic institution, UBT also has a vision and mission that matches with the Company, which is to be directly present in the communities to support their development and wellbeing.

“We appreciate KHN’s active role in this initiative and hope this collaboration can be carried out continuously,” said Prof. Adri.

Titis also explained that even though the construction for the project has not begun, since KHN’s initial presence in Malinau, the Company had already thought about the social sustainability aspects of the surrounding communities. As such, KHN executes its environmental and social responsibility through the KHN Lestari programme, focusing on empowering local communities in Lestari Pendidikan, Lestari Lingkungan, Lestari Budaya and Lestari Kehidupan programmes. CSER activities in Malinau have started since 2020, supporting communities in education, culture, sports, health and welfare among others.

“For us, this collaboration is one of KHN’s steps in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through quality education for the younger generation and partnerships to create decent jobs and economic growth in Malinau and North Kalimantan,” she added.

Also present from UBT were Armansyah, S.Pi., M.Si., Kepala Biro Akademik, Kemahasiswaan dan Kerjasama; Erna Islianti, S.E Staf Kerjasama dan Humas; and Dr. Etty Wahyuni MS., S.Hut., MP Ketua Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat. From KHN, Ahadiah Zamhari, Assistant General Manager for Stakeholder; Dony Adi Saputra, Senior Manager for Social and Permitting; Andy Pratomo, Manager for Legal; Dewi Handayani, Company Secretary; and Alicia Ng, Kepala Humas were in attendance.

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