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EventDecember 3, 2023

Renewable Energy’s Role in Green Mineral Downstream Industries at COP28, Dubai

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – PT Kayan Hydropower Nusantara (KHN) recently hosted a session in the Indonesia Pavilion at the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference, commonly referred to as the Conference of the Parties (COP) 28, held from November 30 to December 12, 2023, at Expo City, Dubai. COP28 is an international climate summit attended by world leaders working collaboratively on solutions to tackle climate change, with a focus on expediting the transition to clean energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions before 2030.

On December 2nd, KHN conducted a session under the theme of “The Strategic Role of Hydropower in the Energy Mix to Power Mineral Downstreaming Industries”, discussing the roles and challenges in implementing renewable energy, particularly hydropower, as a leading renewable energy resource in Indonesia.  

This session served as a platform to highlight the concrete efforts made by various stakeholders in achieving Net Zero Emission by 2060 or sooner, while taking part to support Indonesia's target of developing mineral downstream industries to bolster the nation's current economic landscape. 

Panelist speakers included Rachmat Kaimuddin, the Deputy for Infrastructure and Transportation Coordination of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs, Indonesia; Muchtazar, Sustainability Manager of Nickel Industries Limited; Antony Lesmana, Chief Executive Officer of PT Kayan Hydropower Nusantara; and Debbie Gray, Interim Head of Policy of the International Hydropower Association. The session was moderated by YB. Andhi Marjono, Head of Hydropower of Adaro Clean Energy.

Each speaker demonstrates the efforts taken to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and reduce carbon footprint for a cleaner future. Muchtazar opened the session by illustrating how Nickel Industries Limited is going into solar power development—and other renewables, including hydropower, in the future—as a commitment to a more sustainable future for Indonesia’s nickel industry. 

Antony Lesmana then emphasised the hydropower features that offer baseload firm electricity and high-efficiency energy. The Mentarang Induk Hydroelectric Project (MIHEP), developed by KHN, is a National Strategic Project that will provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to power the mineral downstream industrialisation in Indonesia’s Green Industrial Area.

Debbie Gray further elaborated on the standards of hydropower development to ensure sustainable and responsible practices that cover environmental, social, cultural, and governance aspects and provide benefits to all related stakeholders. The session concluded with Rachmat Kaimuddin encouraging everyone, including industry players, to execute sustainable renewable energy development for a better, cleaner Indonesia.

KHN proudly participated as a host in the Indonesia Pavilion at COP28, advocating for renewable energy development and cleaner energy solutions. Previously, KHN supported the 2023 World Hydropower Congress organised by the International Hydropower Association by becoming the primary partner of the congress. The congress produced The Bali Statement on Powering Sustainable Growth, which provides four recommendations related to hydropower for sustainable growth.

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